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About Me

Cryptocurrency trader/analyst
27 years old
Located in (sunny) Spain

September 2017, I started my fascinating trading journey with a total of 3000EUR. After several online courses, books & countless trades in the market, I have mastered the art of trading over time.

Persistence, discipline, patience and the will to learn are key to success.

First you learn and fail, then earn and prevail.

By sticking to my trading plan, I managed to grow my small portfolio into a 6 digits portfolio, up to this point.

My trading journey only begun and my question to you is:
will you join me on this adventure?

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Very broad analysis and quick delivery. Thanks a lot!!

Arno Bogal
Paris, France

Learned so much, would definitely recommend this service

Olivier Stromer

Price quality worth it for sure, very clear and structured presentation

Dublin, Ireland

Excellent visual analysis, well explained, lets make some money! Also tipped you, enjoy ;)

Lisa Bralvo
Roma, Italy

Very happy with the service, great insights